onsdag den 25. august 2010

ECSA 2010: First Impressions

I'm attending the 4th European Conference on Software Architecture here in Copenhagen this week. The conference is mostly an academic conference with many Ph.d. students and other researchers attending, but they have tried to include some "industry" angles this year and have attracted a few practicing software architects, mostly "locals" from Denmark. (Probably due to the coverage on version2.dk, at least that is where I learned about the conference).

The week started out with tutorials on Monday, then the real conference started on Tuesday. So far it's been 2 keynotes and 25 paper presentations. Another keynote and 10 papers will be presented on the last day tomorrow.

So far, I am happy with the conference. I was not sure what to expect from this type of conference, but I would say it's a good mix of things that can inspire my daily work, things that are interesting but not really applicable for me, and a few things that simply miss the mark for me.

I am not the right person to judge the academic "quality" of the papers, but most presentations have been well received. There were a couple of presentations yesterday that seemed have a very weak foundation and not much promise, but that was really the exceptions. Questions and comments after the presentations are generally constructive but also quick to question methods, validity, etc. I guess that is how it should be.

All in all it is good inspiration for me as a "real-life software architect" to attend the conference. I hear about some trends and literature that I am not familiar with, or that I have not thought about recently. I meet a lot of friendly and clever people working to further the field of software architecture.

I hope to find the energy to do series of short posts about the topics that resonated the most with me and where I can somehow relate it to my work. So I will stay away from commenting on the concrete subjects in this post. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's REST keynote by Jim Webber and to the rest of the programme.

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